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August 13, 2013


August 13, 2013

Go to Mobility Class!

Don’t forget about our weekly mobility class on Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

Before and after every WOD, you are provided with the necessary equipment, space and time to mobilize. Are you doing it effectively? Don’t let your mobility (or lack thereof) hold you back.

Bring a bottle of wine, mobilize, hang out with Joe…need I say more?

Brooks_CF Kids
CrossFit Kids with Brooks

Workout of the Day
Hang clean & jerk 5×2 DEMO VIDEO

For time:
Run 800m
15 Toes to bar
20 KB Swing 55/35
Run 400m
20 Toes to bar
25 KB Swing 55/35
Run 200m
25 Toes to bar
30 KB Swing 55/35

9 Responses

  1. joePT

    For our members who haven’t taken a mobility class, I invite you to come and learn theory and put into practice techniques that improve joint movement, increase myofascial mobility as well pain relief. The techniques are simple but the basic theory (the ‘why’) will ease the segue into the techniques (the ‘how’). Come and learn valuable life skills… to treat yourself, prevent injury and improve function through efficient movement! And somebody bring some wine, I don’t work for peanuts!

        1. Tara

          Sorry girl! I’ve got to leave work a little early so I can’t leave during lunch today. I will be there Thursday…love the Sauna that is the noon class.

  2. Rana

    Your mobility classes are excellent! Your lessons are applicable to Crossfit (of course) but also to my yoga practice as well the physical aspects/awareness of daily activities.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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