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August 15, 2013


August 15, 2013


There is a saying that “CrossFit is for everyone, but not everyone is cut out for CrossFit.”

Because we can modify and scale, you don’t have to necessarily be a great athlete to succeed at CrossFit. Yet, we’ve seen people, regardless of ability,  come and go.

Most of you reading this have made it. So, what is it that has made you stay? What does a person need to “have” to excel at CrossFit?

carrie FS

Workout of the Day
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
15 burpee box jumps 24″
30 steps, Walking Lunge

Midline – 3 sets of:
10 glute-ham raises
10 GHD sit-ups

23 Responses

  1. Addie

    I struggle with that every time I pull into the parking lot. It’s mostly self-image issues…I know I’m not the strongest, the skinniest and I know I look like I don’t know what I’m doing half the time. But you know what keeps me coming back? The community. The people. The fact that I did a ridiculous WOD at 5am while everyone I know is still asleep. I do it because I CAN. I have arms and legs, I can get out of bed. I can breathe. That’s the hospice RN in me talking, but it’s true. So many cannot, but I have no excuse!!! Bring it!!

  2. Chris C

    I keep coming back because it is something that challenges me. It gives me time to myself where I can forget everything, it lets me spend time with some great people. Plus, where else can I go on a consistent basis and not wear a shirt?

  3. Liz

    lol at Chris! I think that you have to have a desire to challenge yourself. There is something very appealing about the fact that you can always be a better you. No matter what ‘level’ you are at there is always a new P.R. to reach or a standard that you are looking to achieve. There is something awesome about having a goal and working your ass off in order to reach it!

  4. Alyssa

    I think you have to leave your pride at the door because there is always someone stronger, faster and better than you. Don’t let that discourage you, but push you to go harder and don’t quit! I love that the workout is different everyday so I will always be challenged. Also, having coaches there that really want to help me get better. Plus I love my CrossFit family! 🙂

  5. Amy

    I agree with Alyssa. Go at your own pace. Don’t compare yourself. Always challenge yourself. I think that is what I like…their is always something I have to work on. It never gets boring!! Also love that I have my friends their to encourage me and to encourage.

  6. Sarah

    I try not to get discouraged, but to focus on MY improvements, no matter how small…I love challenging myself and accomplishing things I never thought I would be able to do…meeting all the wonderful people I may not have met otherwise…and most of all, remembering to just have fun!!

  7. Tara

    Crossfit is the only workout program I have ever stuck to. I’ve always been active in sports and would go on streaks of running/walking daily or going to a regular gym and using the treadmill, but they were short lived. I’ve been at CrossFit pretty much since the beginning and even though I fluctuate more than most, I’ve never quit. The competition aspect of it keeps me intrigued and I never get bored with the variety of movements or WOD’s. The coaches are great, even though Rob gives me the stank eye….often! It’s just a great all around atmosphere.

  8. Michael

    To excel at CrossFit…I think a person needs to have determination and a willingness to push themselves, to envision themselves down the road a year later and set goals to get there.

  9. I love the intensity of the workouts, that’s what got me there and that’s what keeps me there. I love the challenge of seeing what I can do each day. I love the variety of all the things we do each day. Never boring. And of course I love all the great people I have met and made friends with. I show up everyday to make sure they are all coming in and helping them get the best workout that they can. Weather they modify the wod or RX it, it is always a good workout. And I think if I ever tried to quit Rob and Wendy would come and find me!! lol Everyone can do CrossFit in our box, just come in and see.

  10. crossfit

    You guys are proving that CrossFit is, more than anything, a mindset. When people don’t stick to our program, Rob, I and the trainers ask ourselves “why?” and “what could we have done differently?” But, most times, the person wasn’t ready, didn’t have the right attitude, gave up, etc.

    I am loving your answers. Keep ’em coming!

  11. Deputy

    For me, it took time for me to catch on and have that fire lit under my ass. During the winter months I was a b*tch bc I wouldn’t want to get out of bed and out into the cold to do the WOD before work. I had to take an honest look at myself and realize I wasn’t happy (for more reasons than one) and make the ultimate decision that its time for a change. When I finally did I became much happier and healthier. I think the only way Crossfit is going to work for anyone is 1. They have to enjoy getting their ass kicked in a work out and 2. They can’t wish to be better they have to put in the time, effort, and be dedicated. I have goals and bc of Crossfit they are now attainable. So thank you Rob and Wendy and the Crossfit family.

  12. Don

    I like how it makes me feel about myself, the accomplishment of trying my best. The pride being part of cross-fit as an elite sport. It helps me relax, sleep, feel great mentally and physically each day. Being around supportive and successful friends that constantly push themselves and help others reach their goals. None of this would continue if it wasn’t for the family friendly atmosphere that Rob and Wendy has created and allow me to finish last on wod’s and make me feel i came in first in life. Cross-fit is what you make it.

  13. Mrs. Kanuckles

    These are the key items a long term crossfitter must possess.

    1. You don’t mind feeling uncomfortable for a short period of time with the knowledge that you will be better off for it.
    2. You don’t mind sweating.
    3. You like to say snatch alot.

  14. HMC

    I joined (and have stayed) because I *needed* to! I needed something challenging and engaging to get my strong-self back physically–and mentally. It just worked out that everyone is friendly and encouraging…and I genuinely appreciate that. I have to beat it back to Vero from Melbourne every day to slink into the 6:30 class 3-4 days a week…and it’s SO worth the scramble. 🙂
    I love competition, but I really only compare myself to the Myself of Last Week. And, of course This Week’s Myself kicks Last Week’s chunkier butt, but is nothing compared to Next Week’s Myself (and her slightly even better butt…and shoulders…and calves…and quads…and…).

  15. Kristi

    I believe that to be a successful at CF you must not be afraid to fail and you must be willing to learn. Going out of your comfort zone is a lot of what CrossFit is all about and while it may not always end in a PR or a success at least you put yourself out there and are willing to try. Each WOD can be a learning lesson about yourself, a skill in that workout or both. What a self esteem boost it can be to go heavier or more advanced in a WOD than you thought you could do when you saw it the night before on the blog. Then there is also the flipside, sometimes you learn you bit off more than you can chew during a WOD (you know when Rob is giving you “The Look”) and that some modification may need to be made next time or it made you realize you really need to work on a certain skill. Our CF family also helps in making our CF-ers succeed. It’s nice having a group of people around you that want you to get that skill or PR as much as you do.

  16. Lil' Rach

    It takes some blind faith (give yourself a chance), patience ( all good things come with time), and humility (you won’t be a superstar on day one or even day 100). Stick with a plan and you will see and feel great changes and have an awesome time doing it!

  17. Jacy

    It is amazing what a year and four months can do for someone. From the WOD’s, to the motivating coaches, and the friends you make in class. It truly becomes a way of life, and whether it is a good day or a bad one, you always have a feeling of accomplishment. Now, at 33 weeks pregnant, just attending class 3 times a week is an accomplishment, and I can’t thank the trainers and 7:00 am class enough for the motivation!

    1. Alyssa

      Jacy you are an encouragement to so many!You consistently come 3 days a week and don’t make any excuses! You scale all the workouts and make some of us look bad! You are awesome!

  18. Joanne

    It’s the variety of workouts. It’s being able to push yourself to exhaustion. It’s being able to accomplish things you never thought you could-climb a rope again and again, do a handstand, or almost do a strict pull-up. It’s the competition. Against others but also against yourself. I’m not the fastest or the strongest but month to month, WOD to WOD, I improve against myself. And it only took me until Jacy was 19 weeks pregnant before I could beat her time in a workout. Love ya momma!!!

  19. Nanda

    I have stayed with CFVB for a variety of reason… Crossfit to me is more than how much you can lift and how fast you can perform a workout. It’s about the community and progression in strength, agility and over all health. I feel better then I did in my 20’s and I celebrate my improvements… I am grateful for our coaches and the many good friends I have made through CF, you are all family.

    These are the words that sum it up: Accountability, Determination, Positivity, a humble attitude and motivation to do my best!

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