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August 19, 2011


August 19, 2011


Happy Friday! Question of the Day: What goes through your mind during a WOD?


Allison, getting stronger!

Workout of the Day:

For time –
Squat clean & jerk 135/95


Two heavy prowler pushes (50 meters). Try to use at least your body weight.

17 Responses

  1. Rebecca

    Many things: Is Rob over there shaking his head at me? How bad is this going to hurt tomorrow? Is it time for a water break yet? Did that clock just slow down? Why does 10 minutes feel like an hour? Oh and are we done yet? Lol

  2. Lil' Rach

    Pregame: ….I wonder if Marco is wearing spandex today
    The Game: …..Did I just pee my pants?
    Post Game: ….Am I still alive? followed by “see you tomorrow!”

  3. Tara

    Pre-Game: I pretty much do everything that the chart says not to. Guess I have to work on that.
    During the WOD: “Why the hell do I do this to myself?” “I’m quitting after this round”
    After the Wod, I praise God that it is over and I finished. I feel pretty accomplished to just finish the WOD’s a lot of times.
    Process starts all over again the next day.

  4. Mrs. Kanuckles

    Pre Game:… Do I have to go to the bathroom before it starts? Wait.. maybe… OK.. wait.. I should just go…
    During the WOD:
    Round 1… “Look At me… I’m so fast and this is so easy.”
    Round 2… “F, Me. This is hard.”
    Round 3… “The next guy is behind me 100 yards, if I walk after I round this corner he wont see me walking.”
    Round 4… “I quit crossfit after this. I hate it and I hate Rob looking at me like I’m some wuss.”
    Round 5… “If I do two more reps I can lay on the ground in front of the fan.”
    Post Game: “Alex, you should have saw me kill that wod today… I’m pretty much ready for the games. What, I don’t know what time Rachel got.. I’m sure it was slower than my time though. No… I totally beat Tara, she didnt Rx it. Debbie? No she was scared and didnt even show up.”

  5. Tara

    OH Kanuck. It’s such a joy to have you in our gym. Yes, You do usually beat me, everyone does. But, if you RX it I will make myself RX it just to say I can do everything you can!
    I’ve never hated and loved someone all at the same time like I do you.
    Do your crotchless shorts help your pre-game routine go quicker.

  6. Debbie Deb

    Pre-Game: I should probably stretch and warm up more but, oh look it’s Tiney…haven’t talked to her in ages. Hey Don, Sundra, Tom, Pauline, Chris, Greg, Jen!! …oh crap! 3, 2, 1 go! (yells Rob)
    During the WOD: Round 1…Pace yourself, Deb. Don’t worry about the fact that you can see both London AND France through Kanuckles’ workout bottoms. Just get in your own groove.
    Round 2: …pretty sure I can make it through this round since I didn’t RX like Tara did, but I might quit after round 3. Speaking of RX’ing…I wonder where Kanuck. Is these days? Oh yeah…faking the WOD in her air conditioned garage gym.
    Round 3:…yep, defintely quitting after this round. Greg has lapped me on everything but the double unders.
    Round 4:…ok I didn’t die on round 3. Just might make it…sure am glad I didn’t RX this one or I’d be REALLY behind. Wait…is the a 45 min cap on this WOD?
    Round 5:…ok DeVore…suck it up! You can die on the floor afterward but you know you’ll be bragging about it on FB in about 30 min.
    Post WOD: …should not have drank half a bottle of water in one swig…feel sick now. But hey, at least I beat that one guy who just started yesterday.

  7. Patrick

    I read all of these….HILARIOUS!!! Please never forget how motivating EACH one of you are to “the guy who just started” ….and oh PS. I will not be last for long….Have a great weekend!!!!

  8. I’m with Tay on this one, except it’s “beat Rachel, beat Rachel…pick up the pace, that bitch can run!”
    “Praise Jesus!” is after the WOD.

  9. Sally

    I ask myself at least once a week “why do I do this”? Is it because I like buying the two sizes smaller jeans? Is it because I like all the compliments I get from friends on the “outside”? Or is it because I like seeing Rob and torturing him EVERY morning? HELL YES!

  10. Susan & Charlie Clendening

    Pregame: Should I go In I am hurting & sore .. crap it’s a run and 5 rounds I hate to run and I am sore . Charlie are you going in for this one it’s a run and your knees are bad, oh great your going to row ! Does LiL Rach ever get sore?
    During the Wod: Round 1 ,,, I hate to run, I mean I love to run, Tara hates to run too… Ok practice your pose running 4 rounds to go.
    Round 2…back to the run thanks for the rest with boxjumps and wallballs!
    Round3.. I don’t remember seeing this on the mainsite who came up with this Rob or Wendy? Where is DIane & Bryan? I should of rowed with Charlie!
    Round 4… Only 1 more round after this maybe I can finish 1 round behind LIl Rach… because she loves to run!!
    Round 5…. This is it.. ok Sue you are going to pick up your speed when you run back..ok maybe when you turn the corner.. Sprint come on Sprint.
    Post Game.. I finished !! Crap Charlie’s done and LIl Rach Is practicing 20 lb wall balls! Rest day tomorrow Hmmm…maybe I will come in

  11. Debbie Deb

    Patrick…I hope you know “the guy who started last night” was a general reference…no harm meant to you! You were a trooper last night. Totally reminded me of myself when I started 🙂
    hang in there…it only gets better. Nah..pretty much sucks all the time.
    I wonder what Frankadoodle’s post would look like….

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