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August 26, 2013


August 26, 2013

Weightlifting Etiquette (and Safety)

For the first several days this week, we are going to focus our blog on weightlifting topics. We are going to address things we see happening – or not happening – at CFVB and present small chunks of information on each post.


1. Anyone is free to use the weightlifting platforms, but if someone is set up in the middle of two of them, then two can’t be used. So, please set up ON a platform. If you’d rather not use one, just move to the main gym area.

2. When someone is lifting, give them space. Don’t break someone’s concentration by scooting by them with a squat rack. Wait until they’ve completed the lift.

3. If you are lifting with only the 5# or 10# bumpers on the bar, do not drop the bar from overhead! Two things can happen: the plates break and you gouge the wall or someone’s legs with a flying barbell.


4. Use collars. Plates slipping off the bar are dangerous. I speak from experience:

Wendy DNF from Leonid S. on Vimeo.

5. Don’t be the Lebron James of lifting. Chalk is a necessity, but keep your hands in the bucket and don’t track it all over the gym.


6. Clean your bars. We provide anti-bacterial wipes. Not only is it more hygienic to clean the bars, but it also helps them last longer. Don’t let this happen:

chalky bar

7. Don’t lift with rings on. Something called “shearing” can happen where the meat of your finger is stripped off the bone.

Thanks for reading and applying these tips!

Workout of the Day
Front Squat 5×3@ 75%

Back Squat 5×2 @ 70%

3 sets, each for time of –
20 calories on Airdyne
10m handstand walking (scaled = HSPU or wall walks)
2 rope climbs
– rest/recover between efforts

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