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August 27, 2013


August 27, 2013

Lifting Termonology

We’ve noticed some puzzlement with the lifting terminology we use, so today’s post is meant to clear up any confusion. If, at any time, you aren’t sure of what we are expecting, ask questions!

This post assumes you know the difference between a snatch and a clean! If not, oh boy…

Hang: if you see the word “hang” before snatch or clean, then you initiate the lift with the bar off the ground, above your knee. We may, from time to time, designate “below the knee,” but unless you see that designation, work above the knee.

High hang: if you see the words “high hang” before snatch or clean, you will initiate the lift off the ground, near the hip.

NOTE: If it doesn’t say hang, it’s from the floor.

Power: a power snatch or power clean starts from the ground and is caught above a squat. You still bend your knees to meet the bar; however you do not go into a full squat.

Full: If the board says “full” snatch or “full” clean, it means you catch the bar in a full squat, BELOW parallel.

Any style: when we say “Any style,” that means Power or Full. It does NOT mean hang. The only time you do a hang movement is when you see the word “hang.”

Press vs. Push Press vs. Jerk:
– A Press uses your shoulder/upper body strength and the rest of your body is tense, and used as a brace. It is a STRICT press with legs locked.
– A Push Press involves a dip, then a powerful drive that uses a significant amount of raw power for pressing. You DO NOT rebend your knees to catch the bar in a push press.
– A Push Jerk is a dip, drive, then dip where you catch the bar with your arms locked out and knees bent.
– A Split Jerk initiates like a Push Jerk, however you catch the bar in a split.

Note: When we say “Power Jerk” or “Push Jerk”, you catch the bar WITHOUT using a split.

The video below shows the press, then push press, push jerk and split jerk. (and his mustache is sweet).

Please post any questions to comment.



Workout of the Day
5 x 2 Hang Power Clean & Power Jerk @ 75-85%

3 rounds For time:
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
10 ring dips
500 m run

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