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August 29, 2011


August 29, 2011


Question of the Day: What advice would you give to people just starting CrossFIt?

Advice: wear knee socks for rope climbs!

Workout of the Day:

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

1 mile run – time trial

17 Responses

  1. White Russian

    Don’t get discouraged if you feel like you suck at everything. Everybody was there at one point, and the feeling is only temporary. Just keep showing up!

  2. kristi

    Put a mat under you for situps to avoid butt burn
    Water is sometimes the enemy during a wod (hi pukie)
    GHD aftermath may not be felt until a day later but will last a week
    Put your stuff away everyday or else!

  3. (DON’T) worry about RX ing or peoples times just make it a good workout for you. (DO)work on mobility,technique with full range of motion & nutrition that will help you get there sooner.

  4. joe PT

    Don’t wing it. Always appproach your coaches about your issues and how you can improve on them. Remember, the squeaky wheel always gets the oil. If someone looks and performs better than you do, go and ask that person about their diet and their training habits. You’ll relate better to that person versus someone who is not your ideal. Progression, not regression is the goal.

  5. Debbie Deb

    Rob forgot to add….”and yes, I always have that expression”. So true, Wendy!
    Just drink this small glass of koolaid and you’ll be fine.
    Trust me…you’re not going to die. Though it almost killed Cameron on his first day.
    Don’t bleed on the pullup bar, or in the chalk bucket.

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