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August 8, 2013


August 8, 2013

Yoga – Schedule Change

We have received great feedback on the new yoga class with Rana! Liz, Joe, Brooks and Rob all think it’s a great complement to our CrossFit workouts.

However, we have a few changes effective immediately. We are no longer offering the Monday class. Sunday’s class will now be at 10 AM. We hope this new Sunday time will allow more people to attend, as it won’t be smack in the middle of your day.

Remember to bring $5 and a yoga mat. This is a great recovery day activity.


Workout of the Day
2 rounds for time of –
800 m run
40 KB swings 55/35
30 Abmat sit-ups
10 box jumps 20”

Work on Q3 Goal!

11 Responses

  1. Tara

    Are we allowed to set up the kid fence during the class? I would love to go but Chris usually works Saturdays so unless I am able to get a babysitter at that time I would have to bring 2 very adorable kiddos!

    1. crossfit

      I know of another mom who tried to set up the gate and it didn’t work well with the yoga class. The class is about an hour…any way your mom can watch them? If not, Uncle Rob? 🙂

        1. Tara

          I will take you up on it Kelly. We are going to the zoo this Sunday but next Sunday they are all yours! However, I would prefer they not come home acting like Hoodlums.

  2. Rana

    Hi Friends,

    If you have questions about the class or want more information, please feel free to email me. Of course, you can also post here; others may have the same question(s).

    My email address is

    And thanks to those who have been attending. It’s a pleasure to share this practice with you!

    Now come get your stretch on!!

    See you soon,
    Rana (sounds like Donna 🙂

  3. Christina H

    Bummed about the new yoga time :/ It’s right in the middle of both of my church services, so there’s no way to go to either the early service or the later service and go to yoga also.

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