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CFVB Night Out


CFVB Night Out

Let's all get together for a night of socializing, dinner and cocktails. The plan is to meet up at 7 PM on Saturday, July 17 at Bangkok in downtown Vero.

Just a few of the reasons to celebrate:

– Paleo Challenge 2.0 will be complete
– Sectionals and regionals are over
– Jim A, Joe and Diane will have all completed their CrossFit Level 1 certification
– Rob is now a USAW Certified Olympic Lifting coach
– Sue & Charlie made it through the CrossFIt Gymnastics cert
– Rizza finished nursing school
– Kristi got married
– Keith became a dad for the first time
– Tanner graduated
and more!

Plus, we want to see what you look like outside of the gym!

I need a head count for the restaurant, so RSVP by July 10. We will be in the private dining room.


Workout of the Day:


Squat cleans 135/95
Ring dips

13 Responses

  1. Christine

    You know I’m in! Aww man, no rowing today?? 🙁 I suppose it’s better that I work on something I’m not really comfortable with.

  2. Come on Wendy & Rob. . . you always do the fun stuff when I’m out of town. I’ll be back on Sunday July 18th 🙁 already had to change my airfare once for this trip and it cost $$$ me big . . . Have fun!!!

  3. Frankie in the Hat

    I agree with Lori, this blows…I am going to be in Vegas and I am still jelous and I want to stay just for that :(….and Yes I did enjoy saturdays video :)…I would and have done something like that.

  4. Tara

    Chris and I were planning on taking Kirra to Sea World that day for her birthday. We are going just for the day so maybe we will be back in time. It seems like we are always doing something everytime you guys do anything special!

  5. Sorry I can’t accommodate everyone’s schedules. Also, this was a date that the room at Bangkok was available.
    We will have more fun times planned!

  6. Christine

    Yeah, I can’t believe you can’t accommodate everyone either. Pshh! lol jk As long as the Edwards team is in that’s all that matters….I know Don gets down. 😉

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