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December 19, 2013


December 19, 2013

Paleo Challege

The answer is YES. We will have a Paleo Challenge in the new year. It will start near the end of January and consist of 30 strict (no cheat) days. Stay tuned for details.

Steve N.

Workout of the Day
5×2 Front Squat, heaviest possible

For time:
50 calories – Airdyne
40 air squats (if you have trouble feeling full depth, use a med ball under your butt)
30 hand-release push-ups (perfect push-ups – no snaking)
20 Abmat sit-ups (shoulder blades touch the ground, chest comes close to thighs, feet stay on ground)
10 box jumps 20″ (jump with both feet, show control on top of the box with hips open)

Note the movement standards above. There is no excuse for bad movement – make it count!

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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