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Dining Out – Paleo Style


Dining Out – Paleo Style

Although it's much easier to eat healthfully when cooking at home, we are social creatures and we eat out. Here are some pointers to help you dine out Paleo-style:

Paleo-friendly restaurants
Steakhouses – if they have grass-fed beef, major score! If not, stick with a lean cut of beef, grilled chicken breast or grilled fish. Request meats without butter and sauces. Skip bread and potatoes and go with a salad and vegetables.

Japanese/Thai – Order sashimi, tuna tataki, stir frys minus the sauce, steamed vegetables and curries. Nix soy sauce and skip the rice.

Brazilian – an all-out meat-fest…perfect!

Breakfast joints – It's super-easy to eat breakfast out. Order omlettes loaded with vegetables, have some bacon and fruit. Skip the toast, grits, homefries and pancakes.

BBQ – Go for smoked meats, skipping the sauce. Load up on vegetables.

Good choices locally
Italian Grill – omit the pasta and ask for your entree to be served on their garlic-sauteed spinach
Bono's – lots of smoked meats, steamed broccoli and fruit
Kata, Sumo House, Bangkok – sashimi, curry, Tom Ka Kai soup
MT's Chop House – meat and grilled asparagus

Further Advice
Ask your server questions, make substitutions and request double vegetables.

Salads can be tricky – sub olive oil and lemon for dressing, as commerical dressings are made with cheap oil, sugar, and processed fillers. Avoid craisins, candied pecans and croutons. Add grilled meat.

Avoid chains! Even the so-called "healthy" menus at places like Chili's and Applebee's are chock-full of sodium.

Workout of the Day:

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps


Tabata box jumps – add total reps for each round

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  1. Christine

    Thanks for the dining out tips Wendy! Of course I ate at Chilis last week and ordered off the “healthy” menu thinking I was doing a good thing. lol Deb, some BBQ does sound good…I was thinking BBQ places were a no no. What are Tabata box jumps and how many rounds?

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