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February 17, 2012


February 17, 2012

A Complete Program

Some people walk through our doors thinking CrossFit is like an aerobics class, you drop in when you feel like it and you still need to hit the "regular" gym in order to get in shape. Those people haven't yet "gotten" what CrossFit it all about.

We don't want you to merely come in, look at the WOD board, do a half-assed stretch, go through the motions and leave sweaty. We expect so much more from you. We want you to remember the movements, "feel" when you are doing something right, ask questions, do research/watch videos, push outside your comfort zone, stay after class and practice. Anybody can pedal a spin bike, we expect more. We consider you an athlete.

Your success doesn't happen overnight, but over years. Technique improves, you get stronger, faster, more flexible. It's work. It's commitment. But it's totally worth it.

Less than a week left to sign up for the Reebok CrossFit Open! If you are registered, make sure you have chosen CFVB as your affiliate so you are included in our roster of athletes.

Kelly and Jen…winning!

Workout of the Day:

Spend 20 minutes working the hang squat snatch.

Five rounds for max reps of:
Overhead squat 155/105
Toes to bar
– Go immediately from OHS to TTB, but rest as needed between rounds

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