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February 8, 2012


February 8, 2012

30-Day Paleo Challenge – Update

We are in the final week of the 30-day strict Paleo Challenge. We started with 25 people and about half have stuck to the no-cheat rule and truly changes their lives. These people are really starting to see some results – looser clothing, more energy, leaner bodies, mental clarity, better performance in the gym.

The official last day is Monday (Feb 13), just in time for Valentine's Day. If you want to be eligible to win a free month of CrossFit, make sure to send me your final weights, photos or measurements by the end of the day on Monday.

For those of you planning a little V-Day celebration, don't get too far off course. Instead of splurging on sugar, enjoy a fabulous meal…maybe lobster or a nice filet. For dessert, have chocolate-covered fruit or get some high-quality dark (75% or higher) chocolate. You can still have a decadent meal and not get side tracked.

I am proud of everyone who has completed this challenge!

Isn't she lovely? Jesse is giving birth to Baby Maddie at the end of next month!

Workout of the Day:

Work up to a medium-heavy squat snatch.


10-minute WOD…

Row for exactly 5 minutes.
Get off the rower and immediately spend the next 5 minutes to establish a 1-rep max squat snatch.

– rest –

3 x 10 glute-ham raises
3 x 15 GHD sit-ups

7 Responses

  1. Jessie

    Wow-thank you SO much ladies! I’m not feeling quite so “lovely” these days so I definitely appreciate the kind words! Joe and I can’t wait to bring Maddie to the CrossFit Baby class….Rob’s running that one right? =)

  2. Tiney

    She is lovely! That’s my boo! I’d have to switch you for another Valentine Wendy when it comes to dessert unless you baked me a gluten free cake of course. 🙂

  3. Wendy

    Our CrossFit moms are awesome! Jessie, Katie and Tara…they have been so consistent with their workouts. Think about how easy those pull-ups will be with no bun in the oven!
    Tiney – whatevs.

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