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January 12, 2015


January 12, 2015


Looking for something to do this weekend? If so, head on down to WODAPALOOZA. The event takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Bayfront Park in Miami with over 50 Games athletes competing. That means you will have the opportunity to watch superstars like Sam Briggs, Chyna Cho, Noah Olsen, Matt Chan!

Rob and I will be making our debut as Master’s athletes. And Becky and Chelseigh from Treasure Coast CrossFit in Sebastian (Becky won Vero Beast this year) are throwing down on an Elite Team.

WODAPALOOZA is one of the largest CrossFit competitions outside the Games. The prize purse is upwards of $150,000, there will be a really cool vendor village and the venue itself is unique.

Eight events have been announced so far and movements range from snatches to chest-to-bar pull-ups, DB split snatches, L-sits, 12′ wall balls, a 5K obstacle course and more!

You can get all the details and purchase tickets online at

The following website will be covering the event:

Please refer to these site for all information, as we won’t be answering calls and texts – we need to focus!

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Workout of the Day
3 x Tempo L-sit Pull-up
– 3-second count up/down
– rest 15 seconds between singles, as needed between sets
– scaled = regular strict pull-ups at tempo or challenging banded pull-ups at tempo

3 x tempo strict handstand pushup
– 3-second tempo up/down
– Rest 15 seconds between singles, as needed between sets
– Rx+ 4″ deficit
– Rx: to floor
– Scaled – banded to floor or pike push-up on box

3 x 10 banded push-ups
– 3-second pause at top

2 sets, each for time of:
500 m row
50 double-unders
– all out efforts
– rest 5 minute between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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