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January 19, 2015


January 19, 2015

Big Week Ahead 

– Thursday at 5:30 PM is our Eat Real Food Challenge Kick-Off. Please read the materials I sent prior to the meeting and I will answer all questions.

– Friday is the Body Fat Test. If you haven’t already, please bring a check for $49 made to BODY FAT TEST. Make sure you are on time to  your scheduled appointment. You will go under water, to bring a swimsuit and towel. Don’t eat within 2 hours of your test. You may work out and drink water before the test. After the test, you will receive a 4-page printout which shows where you are, where you should be, etc.

– Saturday is our Friends & Family Workout/Open House at 9 AM. Grab a buddy and come on in!

jason w burpee
Jason W. 

Workout of the Day
3 x Tempo Weighted Pull-up
– 3-second count up/down
– rest 15 seconds between singles, as needed between sets
– scaled = regular strict pull-ups at tempo or challenging banded pull-ups at tempo

3 x tempo strict handstand pushup
– Rx+ 6″ deficit
– Rx: to floor
– Scaled – banded to floor or pike push-up on box
– Rest 15 seconds between singles, as needed between sets

3 x 10 banded push-ups
– 3-second pause at top

3 sets, each for time of:
10 burpee box jumps 24″/20″
500 m row
– rest 4 minutes between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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