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January 27, 2015


January 27, 2015

Capsular Stretches for the Shoulder Joint
The capsule of the shoulder joint (articular capsule) completely encircles  the joint allowing the ball and socket to sit near each other – a separation of approximately 2.5 cm. This separation allows this range of motion in the shoulder joint. It does not create stability or compression to the shoulder joint as it is rather loose and lax. It’s attached from the top of the socket (glenoid) and inserts in the upper arm (anatomical neck of the humerus). It is thicker above and below than elsewhere. The capsule is strengthened above by the Supraspinatus; below by the Triceps; behind by the tendons of the Infraspinatus and Teres minor; and in front, by the tendon of the Subscapularis. Capsular stretching then is a literal misnomer when the surrounding connective tissues and rotator cuff muscles are the ones being stretched.When performing capsular stretches you have to imagine a cube with its corresponding walls and within those walls lies the shoulder joint. These (myofascial) stretches should be taken to pain free end-range with moderate tension, held for 10-15 seconds  and repeated 3-5 times following a proper warm-up. Banded traction stretch is a good way to finish up this simple stretch routine.
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Workout of the Day
Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes/8 sets
1 clean pull + 1 hang squat clean + 2 front squats
Rx+: 205/125
Rx: 185/110
Masters 55+ 140/75:35
3 sets, each for time of:
100m prowler push 100/50
200 m run
30 double-unders
– rest 3 minutes between sets

Midline: 3 sets of:
8 glute ham raises
8 GHD sit-ups (or 10 Abmat sit-ups)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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