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January 30, 2015


January 30, 2015

Gymnastics Progressions

You’ve all heard that phrase “don’t run before you can walk.” In Olympic Weightlifting, you progress from the hip/power position, then you pull from above the knee, then the floor. You master the power movements before the full. Progressions are just as necessary for gymnastics movements. We love that many of you are spending extra time in the gym with the goal of getting muscle-ups and handstand walking. However, in order to be proficient in them (mastering them with perfect technique), there are steps to take.

I’ve listed some key drills below. Please don’t hesitate to talk to any of your coaches for a plan to get you to your goal!

The Muscle-up: Instead of grabbing the rings to muscle up, you must first have the strength to do strict pull-ups and dips. You must also be really good at kipping while maintaining a tight body line from arch to hollow. And you must practice transitions (in a band, feet on the box, etc.). Sequencing of hips to pull are as important in the muscle-up as they are in the snatch. Once all these elements are dialed in, take it to the rings. We will be going over this during today’s work.

Handstand Walking:  You first need to get comfortable holding a freestanding handstand, pushing through your shoulders and replicating the hollow body “stacked” position upside-down. A common flaw we are seeing is sinking into your shoulders, not keeping the legs straight or tight. Wall-facing handstand holds (nose touching the wall, hands under shoulders) are a great start and effective drill for everyone. Weight transfers to replicate efficient walking are also great. Add in some shoulder touches. Again, keeping the body squeezed. After proficiency in these things, you start attempting handstand walking, then eventually turns and walking over obstacles, etc.

With everything, holding the hollow body is KEY. We often program hollow holds into our midline work, but it’s something EVERYONE can do daily in your warm-up or cool-down. Practice makes perfect. Sure, it will develop “abs” but more importantly the core strength and body awareness it builds will transfer over to not only gymnastics, but also weightlifting.

Additional reading: Weightlifting vs. Gymnastics – some good points here on why people like weightlifting better than gymnastics (because gymnastics is SO FREAKING HARD!) 

 clean drills

Workout of the Day
Trainer-led warm-up drills, warm up

Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes/8 sets
1 snatch high pull + 1 power snatch + 2 overhead squats
Rx+: 185/110
Rx: 140/95
Masters 55+ 110/55

Back Squat 5×2 @ 80%

3 sets of max effort muscle-ups
or muscle-up progressions / ring rows

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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