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July 25, 2011


July 25, 2011


This is a great article on progressing with the handstand push-up. It shows many ways to scale and get stronger. 

I used volume training to improve my HSPUs and it helped immensely. It requires that you train the movement for 20 minutes at a time, doing reps on the minute, then increasing the number of reps per minute each session. Three times a week was what I committed and it was well worth it. Let me know if you'd like details.

SWAMP MONSTER UPDATE: Lil Rach killed it! They didn't post all the final standings, but she ended up top 5 in her division. She really did great, especially on the run and pull-ups…best out of everyone! Rebecca and I were super proud watching her.

Food challenge 
Jake, Jesse, Rob and Joe - all finished the 3-lb brisket buritto + 3 sides challenge at Chill & Grill last week!

Workout of the Day:

Calorie Row
Thruster 135/95

– rest 5 minutes

Back squat 225/155
Ring dips 

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