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July 4, 2011


July 4, 2011

There's a Tape for That

Super therapist, Crossfit trainer and certified Kinesio taper…that's our Joe. He has just been given a recurring column in an industry publication and we are planning a series of taping seminars…stay tuned!

Joe, working his magic

8 AM and 9 AM classes only for the Fourth of July!

Workout of Day:

Three rounds for time –
12 front squats 135/95
12 burpee pull-ups

– rest –

For time - 
Hang power cleans 155/105
GHD sit-ups 

11 Responses

  1. Mrs Kanuckles

    Ella just said… Mom I didn’t see the butt track… So I showed her the website. She looked… Said “Yuck”. Then walked away.

  2. Debbie D

    I am really not sure what Cameron did to piss Wendy off in such a manner that she would post this picture?
    And thanks, Greg…you had me all excited about Filthy 50. 🙁

  3. joe PT

    Holy crack Batman! I mean, crack kills!…I mean…that’s not Cameron. It’s some random Kanuck with chronic back spasms (poor thing).

  4. Our programming for the week is all laid out and the Filthy 50 is too long chipper to start the week out. We would just watch people reinforcing their bad movement and taking an hour to complete it. So, we will plan it for next Saturday.

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