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June 19, 2014


June 19, 2014

Hot Tips

Summer is here! It’s super humid and sweaty in the gym, so we’re offering up a few tips/suggestions:

1. Chalk – it doesn’t work when your hands are wet. Instead, it forms a slimy, messy paste. The fix to this issue is to bring a small towel for the workout and wipe your hands off before chalking up.

2. Knee sleeves – they stink! To keep them from smelling ripe, you can wash them in the laundry and let them air dry. The following link gives a few other tactics in case yours are extra stinky:

3. We want to clean the gym cubbies, so are asking that you remove your items for the weekend so that we can wipe them down. Anything not taken out will be put in a bin and, if not claimed in a week or so, will be tossed, donated, etc.


Milka – part of the 9:30 crew, down 20 lbs with CrossFit & Paleo

Workout of the Day
1 Mile Run

recover as needed, then:
2k Meter Row

Skill work – Choose one:
Pull-ups: 5 x 5 strict or 5 x 5 negative (if you do not have strict)

Muscle-ups: work on transitions if you are still working on a MU; work on stringing 2 together if you have singles; work on strict or multiples if you are a MU pro

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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