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June 2, 2014


June 2, 2014

Survey Recap

We received a 28% response rate to the survey that was sent out, which is huge. So, thanks! I’ve tried to condense the feedback as best as I could, but this post gets a bit lengthy…

88% of you deemed your overall experience “Excellent” at CFVB; 12% chose “Good.” Of course, we won’t be satisfied until we are at 100% excellent!

You want more opportunities to learn – nutrition, lifting, gymnastics, etc. Now that the Open and Regionals are over, we’ve got seminars scheduled. We had a great turnout for the Shoulder Mobility session this past Saturday. Paleo 101 tomorrow is full and we are still accepting sign-ups for basic gymnastics and clean & jerk.  Joe’s twice monthly mobility sessions will continue. And look for more classes on the horizon.

Many of you mentioned wanting more opportunities to socialize outside the gym. We’ve got some things in the works, like a girl’s night, some Paleo cooking classes, a possible beach WOD, etc. I will announce those real soon!

You all seem to like our retail offering and have requested a few additional items. High-quality fish oil and vitamin D will be arriving this week. We will continue to offer new t-shirt designs and are also looking into belts and wrist wraps now that many of you have requested them. Stay tuned. As far as snacks and ready-to-drink protein – there isn’t a ready-to-drink protein on the market that we think is good. So, for a convenient option, get yourself a shaker bottle and put a scoop of your protein powder in it and pack it with your gym bag. Add water after the workout and voila – protein shake! Or mix sweet potato and protein powder and bring it with you to the gym for post-WOD fuel. The Rx Bars we sell are whole food (Paleo) bars, but we haven’t found much out there that we believe in. (PS: Charlie sells Kill Cliff, other high-quality protein powders and fish oil, too).

What can we do better? Most people skipped this question (whew!) But, we did have two responses that mentioned that our additional seminars and Open Gym should be free. Because we had two people make this statement, there may be more of you thinking the same thing, so I wanted to take the time to explain why we charge. We do offer some freebies (mobility, Paleo 101, etc.). But, classes outside the normal CrossFit schedule require a trainer(s) who must be paid for his/her time and expertise. We keep the cost low – $5 to $10 – and cap the classes so you still get a lot of attention in those sessions. I understand that $150 per month for a “gym membership” is a big chunk of change and we thank you for finding room in your budgets each month to afford it. But, we also stand by the fact that it’s the best deal around. You get hands-on training from really good coaches for less than $8 per class. That same amount of money will get you 2-3 sessions with a personal trainer at a globo gym, but not the results, the community, the involvement in this worldwide sport. So, we will continue to offer complimentary classes when possible, but many of our specialty seminars and classes will carry a nominal fee.

There were a few comments about the gym being busy. We have started redirecting new athletes to the less busy classes and have made sure we have an adequate number of coaches on the floor. We do know we need to expand, but aren’t ready to make any announcements just yet.

According to you, the positive aspects of CFVB are that we make you accountable for attendance (calling/emailing if we don’t see you), we have great workouts, an awesome community (family-style feel) and, across the board, pretty much every respondent mentioned superior coaching! That’s our ultimate goal, so we smiled every time we read that!

All in all, the survey feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We always gain some great insight and ideas to make the gym a better place when we hear from you, so again thanks! We promise to keep pushing to make CFVB the best gym in Vero!

Allie jerk

 Workout of the Day
Power clean
10×2 @ 65-75%
Work in small groups of 2-3

Rx+ – 6″ Deficit HSPU on paralettes
Rx – Strict HSPU
Scaled – full range of motion in a band or pike push-ups off a box

6 sets of, each for time:
10 calorie row
20 double-unders (60 singles)
– rest 90 seconds between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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