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June 22, 2015


June 22, 2015

Member Spotlight – Sam Critton Whitley

Where to start with this one? Sam has sass for days, she’s creative, she has lots of opinions, she’s hilarious and she has a huge heart, especially for animals. Oh, and she’s crazy – she runs an Instagram account for her French Bulldog that has about 2,800 followers and talks to those followers as a dog. But, we wouldn’t want her any other way!

We were lucky that Sam joined our gym after graduating from Law School at the University of Florida because there hasn’t been a dull moment since. Besides bringing “flava” to the gym, we’ve been fortunate to not only see her grow as an athlete, but also thrive in life – watching her marry James, adopt fur babies, buy their first home and pass the bar!

Here’s more about the one-and-only Sam…

Occupation: Assistant State Attorney – 19th Judicial Court

Family: Huzband, James, Fur Son Leroy, Foster Children Tunkie & Gabby

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout: any type of clean, pull-ups and double-unders

Favorite Cheat Meal: a really good burger and fries or Chik-fil-A #1 smothers in Chik-fil-A sauce

Hobbies: dogs, CrossFit, watersports, Gator football, hanging out with my family and friends

Little known fact about you: “I am a high history buff (history major) and especially love military history. I was obsessed with the Civil War growing up and have been to every battlefield on the east coast. I used to want to be in the Army and went to West Point tennis camp one year just so I could live in the cadet dorms. When I found out (at the time) that women could not be Field Generals, I decided I wanted to be a Prosecutor. Good thing because I could not have my dog pack if I was in the military!”

sam with leon and leroy sam awkward stage sam the ham


Workout of the Day
Trainer-led barbell warm-up/drills

Every 2 minutes for 14 minutes/7 sets
2 slow pull squat cleans (slowly follow correct bar path, then accelerate at power position – see video below)
– 55-65%

Three sets of:
5 weighted pull-ups
10 bar rows
:45 wall-facing handstand holds

Airbike 1:00 for calories @ 65-85% (Men on Assault; women on Air Dyne)

– rest as needed

Airbike 1:00 for calories @ 100% (Men on Assault; women on Air Dyne)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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