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June 27, 2014


June 27, 2014

Disney Fit Challenge

Quick reminder that Rob, Liz and I are registered for the Disney Fit Challenge in late September. If you’d like to complete, sign up and we will be on hand to help coach, strategize, etc.

For details, visit

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOLA (we missed it yesterday)! 

disney fit challenge

Good luck to Little Rach who competes this weekend on a Masters team at Clash of the Fittest! 

Workout of the Day
5 x 3 hang squat cleans to thruster

back squat 3×2 @ 85%

2 sets of:
50m prowler push 140/90
100 m sprint
25 double-unders
– walk/Airdyne to recovery between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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