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June 4, 2015


June 4, 2015

Logging your workouts

Today’s blog post is from Liz…

What if I told you one minute a day could enhance your performance in the gym? Well, that is exactly what logging your workouts will do. This simple task will organize your training while providing motivation and purpose to your efforts.

Benefits include

  • Tracking your weight used for both strength and conditioning workouts will allow you to better decipher what weight to use in the future. Often times we program sets at a percentage of your max. Knowing your exact numbers will allow you to choose the appropriate weight.
  • Nothing is more motivating then seeing improvement. If you aren’t recording your workouts how do you know that you are improving? Improvement doesn’t have to be drastic. Just knowing that 3 weeks ago you could only do 2 pull-ups and this week you were able to do 3 is enough motivation to keep on working hard.
  • Keeping a log results in your own personal repertoire of workouts and movements to refer to when traveling.
  • Taking a minute or two each day to record the workout will accelerate your learning. During this time you will be reflecting on the workout, movements, weights, and terminology you used. This will further engrain anything you might have learned that day into your head. You can also record quick notes to yourself that will benefit you in the future.
  • In order to make sure that you are achieving your goals…track them! Setting and recording goals by writing them down will result in a better chance of you achieving them. Write them in your workout log so you see them every day you train.

You can log your workout on the Whiteboard section of this blog and/or  you can use a log book like the ones found here:

The concept of logging your workouts is not just reserved for elite athletes. Any level can benefit from using this simple and effective tool so, hop on the gain train and just do it! #choochoo

Diane, running three heats of athletes during the power outage


Workout of the Day
Three sets, each for time:
200 m run
10 wall balls 20/14
300 m row
– set 1 @ 75%, set 2 @ 85%, set 3 @ 100%
– rest 3-4 minutes between sets

3 sets of:
25 Abmat sit-ups
:40 plank hold in hollow position

Finish out the day with some skill/goal work!

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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