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June 9, 2015


June 9, 2015

Upcoming Beach WODs

Summer is here, so let’s have some outdoor fun:

This Sunday (June 14), we will be holding a CFVB Beach WOD at South Beach at 8 AM. You won’t be swimming, but you will be running in and out of the water, so dress accordingly. It’s also a partner WOD.

On Saturday, June 27, Operation 300 is hosting not only a Frogman Swim, but also a Beach WOD to raise money. The participation fee is $20 and details are below.

Crossfit Swim WOD 2015 - Flyer

Workout of the Day
For time:
50 cal airbike
40 Dumbbell snatch 55/35
30 burpees
50 cal row
40 DB snatch 55/35
30 burpees
*Heats of 10, stagger start

Midline: 3 sets of –
8 glute ham raise
:30 hollow hold

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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