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March 17, 2014


March 17, 2014

Congratulations, Phin!

Phin was recently given The Safety Council of Palm Beach’s Heroism Award for his bravery. He witnessed a car accident and retrieved the victim from the car, ensuring their safety. He was even interviewed by CBS 12 News!

UPDATE: Here’s the news piece featuring Phin –

heroism award


Workout of the Day
Back Squat 5×2

20min Around the World:
4 rounds for QUALITY

  • 1min Airdyne@70%
  • 1min PERFECT push-ups (rounds 1 and 2);  Abmat sit-ups (rounds 3 and 4) Form over speed. Match number of reps each round
  • 1min Row @ 70%
  • 1min Power Snatch (rounds 1 and 2); Power Clean (round 3 and 4) 115/75  Form over speed. Work on touch and go. Match number of reps each round
  • 1min Russian KB swing 55/35  Form over speed. No more than 20 reps per round.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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