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March 20, 2014


March 20, 2014


 The fourth of five workouts will be announced Thursday at 8 PM on the CrossFit Games site…we’re almost through the Open!

Registered athletes: EMAIL me at and let me know if you cannot make it in on Saturday. In addition to the 5 PM make-up session on Friday, we will also be having one at 5 AM Friday to accommodate a few people who are going out of town. Note: these make-up sessions are for people who aren’t available Saturday. Last Friday, we had a ton of people come in who simply wanted to get the workout out of the way and it interfered with the people trying to work out in the regular classes. So, please, only reserve Friday if it’s absolutely necessary.

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Workout of the Day
Active Recovery, at a 75% pace:
50 calories on Airdyne
Row 1000
Run 800

Gymnastics Skill work
Hollow body position – 3 max effort holds
Push-ups for quality (choose one, based on current ability):
– If you can’t do strict push-ups – Negative push-ups (work from top down). 5 sets of 3.
– If you need work on strict push-ups – 1 push-up every 2 seconds until you can’t maintain hollow body position. Do two sets. Rest between efforts.
– If you are excellent at strict push-ups – Deficit push-ups: using paralletes, how deep can you go maintaining the hollow body position.


Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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