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November 18, 2010


November 18, 2010

Name That Dog

Kanuckles and Alex have a new addition to the family, see below. They need a name for her…post suggestions to comments.


** Reminder: Last WOD this Saturday is the 8 AM class. Oly Lift seminar is at 9 AM. We had a few spots open – contact me ASAP if interested.

Workout of the Day:

Three rounds for time –
25 double unders
25 box jumps 24"
500 meter row

26 Responses

  1. Tiney

    Bella would go good with her new playmate Ella. How about you name her Kanuck? 😉 Snatch? Ally (Alex + Kelly)? Eva? Ok I’m out of ideas and I need to get back to writing a paper. Sorry if I wasn’t of any help! xo I’m sure Deb will have some great names for ya. 🙂

  2. Mrs. Kanuckles

    Jeff…. that is hysterical since she is a girl
    I was thinking about Snatch also .. (wait)
    Anyway.. I was trying to think about yelling for Snatch.. or.. “No, snatch”. Or… “Good Snatch” .. It may be a little wierd.
    Thanks for the ideas… she def needs a name!

  3. Captain Happy

    The look is familiar. That’s Rob when I attempt an overhead squat. I’m a paying participant of crossfit, Why do I feel like I’ll be running after the workout?

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