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November 19, 2012


November 19, 2012


Word to the wise…

It's Thanksgiving week, the official start of the holiday season. You will be invited to lots of parties, there will be sugary treats at your office, you will be tempted to booze it up more than usual. Before you know it, you'll be shopping for pants with an elastic waistband.

Stop and remember what the holidays are all about – having fun with family and friends, not over-indulgence. So, plan your cheats! Bypass the plate of cookies at work in exchange for a glass of wine at a holiday party. Or stick to the paleo-friendly choices at holiday dinner so you can have a serving of your mother's almost-famous pie. It's all about balance. Don't be one of those people who packs on 5-10 pounds over the holidays. You will look back and realize your moments of bad judgement weren't worth it!

And remember…I am always here to help with diet advice, food log review, etc.

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Workout of the Day:

10 x 1 Clean
7 x 1 Rack Jerk (behind neck)
5 x 1 Front Squat
  * work to a max effort, total up highest lift for each exercise

For time –

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