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November 21, 2012


November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

What’s great about this time of year is that you can sit back and reflect on all the wonderful things in your life. It’s crazy how a sequence of events leads you to where you are at this moment and you wonder if one small decision would have propelled you onto a different path.

For instance, 10 years ago, I was working late at my advertising job in Orlando and was not going to be able to make it to my 10-year high school reunion. At the 11th hour, I said “to hell with it” and high-tailed it to Vero Beach. At that reunion is where Rob and I bumped into one another, started dating, moved to Vero, got married and opened a CrossFit gym. So, I wonder…if I would have skipped out on the reunion that weekend, would I be in this place in life?

Well, luckily, I did go. And our interests led Rob and I to CrossFit. And we decided to take a chance in a down economy to open a gym that promoted a fitness movement that no one had heard of. Soon, awesome people like all of you checked us out and we grew to where we are today.

We are thankful that every day we get to hang out, coach and laugh with the coolest group of people around. We get to watch you thrive, lose weight, get stronger, reach goals, become healthier. We’ve gotten to know you and your families on a personal level, we’ve been to your weddings, watched your families grow, taken vacations with you…we’re one big dysfunctional family!

So, thank you all for supporting us and having such a positive imact on our lives.  Enjoy yourself this Thanksgiving and know that we love all of you!

Mobility seminar
CFVB trainers with Kelley Starrett of Mobility WOD 

Workout of the Day:

5 sets of:
5 back squats 250/180
50 m prowler push (bodyweight)
10 burpees
**Rest 1:1, (move quickly through a round and rest as long as it took you to perform a round). Record time for each round

8 Responses

  1. Christina H

    I agree with Brad! And great job getting your bar muscle-up this morning!
    I am thankful for all the work Wendy, Rob, and all the trainers put into us every day! I am also thankful to my family for supporting and sharing in my CrossFit habit 🙂
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  2. John S.

    As a newbie I’m reluctant to post but I feel compelled to share my thanks to rob and Wendy who provide instruction everyday to someone who is trying to figure it all out. As well as to Jared, kristy and Rachel who have taken pity and provided much needed guidance for one who wants to stay out of the way of the experienced athletes while trying to improve. Much appreciated.

  3. Jenn M

    I’m thankful for Wendy and Rob providing a place for all of us crazy people to get together, push each other and get better every day. I am constantly impressed with the caliber of members and coaches and in turn, the obvious results that are produced. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  4. Tiney

    It makes Tiney proud to see you get all emotional once a year. You do have a heart Wendy! 🙂 I think to myself I may have never met you guys if it wasn’t for Dustin bribing me into trying crossfit by paying for my membership for one month. Kiki would have never been born and reunited with her sister Shalaqua de Caldwell…(tear)

  5. Kristi

    We certainly do have a very special and unique gym. I am not sure you could just pop in to any CF around the state or country and see what we have going on at good ole CFVB. Thank you Rob and Wendy for number 1 reuniting 🙂 and for number 2 bringing CF to VB. When Tara and I walked through the door that rainy April Sunday morning I had no idea that it would lead to what it has. I never thought I would be able to do what I can do now and I had no clue it would lead to working at CFVB as a trainer. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂
    PS: John S. you are doing awesome! Keep it up 🙂

  6. Nanda and Matt

    Thank you Wendy and Rob for being our mentors… For believing and encouraging us every day! Matt and I are still fairly new to CFVB but have felt like we have been part of your family since day one and appreciate being part of a gym where trainers and member are genuine and real. Also, thank you to all the awesome trainers – Kristi, Jared, Diane, Charlie, Sue, Joe and Rachel! Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!!!

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