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November 24, 2010


November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

We are thankful for all of our members – every last one of you…

– The morning people who bring energy to 5 AM
- Those who have made "drinking the Kool-Aid" a family affair
– Tough chicks who pack a lot of strength and determination in a small package
- Fire breathers who make everyone push a little harder
– Our Coaches, who go out of their way to help everyone in the gym, whether it be with mobility work or tweaking the Oly lifts
- The "cave people" who have gone full-blast with Paleo and never looked back
– The goofballs who always giggle at the word "snatch"
– Our #1 fans – the supporters who have never miss a competition
– Our young members who are the future badasses of CrossFit
– The older members who battle out with the rest of us – age is only a number!
– The new members who are giving it their all…we can't wait to see you all reach your goals in 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Of course we are thankful for Don!

Workout of the Day:
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
30 second Handstand hold
30 second Squat hold
30 second L-sit hold
30 second Chin over bar hold

19 Responses

  1. Rachel

    I’m thankful for the 6am class…even though I never win WODs anymore, I freaking LOVE you guys! and hopefully one day I’ll be as fast and strong as good ole Battle Axe 🙂

  2. Debbie Deb

    I am thankful to be Queen Goofball. Probably the only CF title I may ever own but I am ok with that! 🙂 Happy Snatchgiving to all!!

  3. Jennifer Budde

    I am thankful I am not doing this WOD .. Lol
    taking the night off to be with my boys …
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thankful for
    Crossfit and all the wonderful peeps that cheer
    me on.

  4. Lucy

    Are we laying it all out on the table? I am grateful for my CF friends and what they taught me. Such as how to laugh at the word snatch, that Frankie has the best snatch around, what scissoring really means, and how to ride dirty. What will next year bring? I can’t wait. Happy Snatchgiving:)

  5. duckman

    I want to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving at crossfit , it has been a great year for us and we are looking forward to the next year to getting healthier and stronger. We love all the family and encouragement ,all the new members that help keep the club growing. All the great snatches 🙂 Wendy and Rob ,thanks.

  6. john Y.

    One hell of a 6 am class today. I am thankful I wounder in to the box on April 29, 2009 and just can’t seem to find my way out of it. Thanks Wendy and Rob for making my life better. You foster the kind of second family that makes us all stronger through supporting each other, encouragement, advise, and by laughing our sore asses off! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  7. Kristi

    I am so thankful to have found a gym and a group of people that make my life so fun! I appreciate the laughter and the ass kickings everytime I go in to CFVB and there is no place else I would rather be at 5 or 6 in the am. Wendy and Rob, you deserve so much for all you do and I hope you know how thankful we all are for you!
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!!

  8. Valerie

    Me toooooo! I am so thankful to Charlie for even telling me about Crossfit in the first place way back when! I look forward to getting more and more involved and am so thankful for everyone I met there!! Always encouragement, never judgement and everyone there for the same goals and with the same struggles….Rob and Wendy are the icing on the cake!!!!! Thanks Guys!!

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