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November 30, 2012


November 30, 2012


What is DOMS? DOMS stands for "delayed onset muscle soreness" and it's the uncomfortable sensation that presents itself up to three days after an intense workout/lifting session.

DOMS is trauma to the muscle cells and usually occurs when a muscle group is performing an eccentric movement (a contraction when the muscle is fully stretched out).  While DOMS doesn't feel particularly wonderful, it helps you to become stronger because these muscle tears lead to a process where the body adapts and heals the injury. 

A little DOMS is fine, but, it is not necessary to damage your muscle cells so much that you can barely walk or get up from a chair without wincing!  

The biggest factor in controlling DOMS is making sure you work at YOUR appropriate volume and intensity. If you used to be a college football stud, but spent the last few years mainly on the couch, you can't work out at your old level. Take some time to work your way back up. New athletes need to ease their way into their full potential by doing things like scaling weight, reps or time spent exercising. And even experienced CrossFitters need to recognize when a particular weight is going to leave their body trashed (don't live and die by the Rx!)

Even the most seasoned athletes, especially those who compete, are going to experience a gnarly case of DOMS from time to time (guilty!). But, here are some tips that can help:

– Warm up before exercise:  If you elevate the temperature of your muscles, you will lessen the effects of DOMS.
– Stay hydrated so that your kidneys can remove damaged muscle protein from the bloodstream.
– Use a foam roller after working out.
– Try active recovery.  Instead of totally taking the day off after a hard WOD, go for a jog or a walk to improve the blood flow to your muscles.

PS: Jacy achieved her year-end goal of a rope climb!

Donna and Diane. Nice racks!

Workout of the Day:

7×1 Power snatch + Hang Power Snatch (do not drop bar between the two movements)

7×1 Power clean + Hang Power Clean (do not drop bar between the two movements)

Every minute on the minute for 6 minutes: 100m shuttle (50 m down and back)

AMRAP in 3 minutes: handstand push-ups

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  1. Yeah, way to go Jacy, and today she also got up side down for the first time. Lori is getting her dubs and Patti R lost 1 pad for her HSPU’s (she’s down to 2 now). So many accomplishments happening is so exciting to see.

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