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Regional Wrap-up


Regional Wrap-up

The Dirty South CrossFit regionals are over…what a grueling, fun and inspiring three days!

Charlie and Chuck S. competed in the Master's division (over 50). In the first event, Chuck beat his previous thruster PR by 10 pounds, lifting 165, while Charlie put up a solid 180#. They both got caught on the double-unders in the "Helenish" WOD, but came back strong in Chesty Cindy, each with over 15 rounds. It was so awesome to watch this division's competitors…most 20-year-olds couldn't do the things these men and women were doing.

I was happy with my performance in most of the individual events. I made it to the last bar in the squat clean gauntlet, missing 180#, but nailing 175#. The second event was the most troublesome and I failed to complete the handstand push-ups, so received a score of zero. I redeemed myself in WOD 3, completing every muscle-up and repping out kettlebell snatches…and that was the end of Day 1! I won my heat in the row/burpee WOD on Day 2 and finished a nightmarish eight-round WOD called "The Qualifier" within the official timeline. What a weekend!

I know I speak for Charlie and Chuck in saying that we appreciate everyone's support…not only the well-wishes prior to the competition, but especially those of you who spent your Memorial weekend driving to Jacksonville and sitting in the heat to cheer us on. 

After a cheat meal, training for 2011 starts now!


 Workout of the Day:

"The Seven"

Seven rounds for time of:
7 Handstand push-ups
7 Thrusters 135/95
7 Knees to elbows
7 Deadlift 245/200
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings 70/55
7 Pull-ups

14 Responses

  1. I look cute with rabbit ears, thanks Kelly!!
    What a fun weekend we had. It was incredible to watch all those athletes compete. We saw some awesome competition. Our WCC team did just great, we are so proud of them. Some of the wod’s were in the late afternoon and with the hot sun burning down on them and they still gave it their all. Wendy also got a PR in her squat cleans. Great Job everyone!!!!

  2. john Y.

    Good job with this one Rob. I cannot begin to think how hard it is as Rx’d scaled was still a beast. This is one that you are happy for just completing it. Congratulations to all of our competitors this past weekend. It is very rewarding to be a part of a group of people that not only push themselves and each other but that are also willing to compete and show everyone else what VBCF is made of. Good job Wendy Charlie and Chuck

  3. Debbie D

    Thanks for blocking me with the bunny ears, Kanuckles! I knew you secretly hated me.
    Funny how we were pretty happy to be missing the 7’s WOD on saturday, but now I’m looking forward to it (well, at least the first round of it).

  4. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    I had no excuses for not doing todays WOD after watching Wendy,Charlie and Chuck compete this weekend! I am thankfull we did not have to do this WOD outside in the heat! You guys did awesome this weekend, way to represent CFVB! For those of you Rxing todays WOD you have my upmost respect!

  5. Rachel

    I think it would be best to not come in until I go to the doctor Friday because it will be too tempting to drag a sled or do 100 squats or something I’m not allowed to do…hopefully I get cleared for some activity soon!

  6. kristi

    Are you sure Rachel was the one on pain pills? What in the heck am I doing in this pic? Looking forward to this one today after no CF-ing for 3 days. While I wish I could rx it, it will still be an awesome workout.
    Super job to Wendy, Charlie, and Chuck! I was so impressed with each of you and you all are an inspiration to all of us at CFVB.

  7. Debbie D

    Kristi – you were being moved by the music and the guy on the microphone asking you to “put your hands in the air”… oh wait, he was talking to the event judges… too freakin’ funny girlfriend!! 🙂

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