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Taking Paleo to the Next Level


Taking Paleo to the Next Level

I applaud everyone who has made the transition to the Paleo lifestlye (notice the use of the word "lifestyle" and not "diet"). Eating Paleo can get rather scientific and detailed and there are different levels of compliance.

If you are ready to take Paleo to the next level, you will focus on things like grass-fed meats and organic produce over the normal USDA fare. You would also change up your fat sources instead of just sticking to almonds and olive oil.

Why should you switch up your fats? And which sources are best? An easy-to-understand and informative explanation is given here: HEALTHY FATS


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9 Responses

  1. I think your timing on this post is off. People on the Paleo challenge are counting the days until they can gorge on icecream.
    Then they may be ready to take it to the next level .. haha

  2. If they are counting the days until ice cream, unfortunately, they probably aren’t going to consider Paleo as a lifestyle 95% of the time. 🙁
    Oh well…for those who are downing nuts like they are going out of style, I thought the article might be useful. But, it does require you to give up even more food!

  3. Tara

    I might not be a 95% of the time kind of girl but I will remain at about 85%…..I did like the article though because I’m one of those people who always has a lot of questions about the fat stuff.

  4. The article was very interesting. Thanks. By this time in the Paleo Challenge I do have to say that my cravings and feelings of missing out on certain types of food are gone. I am content with eating this way. I just am not content with my lack of wine. That will need to be adjusted accordingly when it is over.

  5. joe justado

    I saw a show on the Travel Channel about Buenos Aires and their grass fed beef. They eat everything off the cow…braided intestines, liver, spleen, kidneys, sweet bread, tripe and fat. I’ve included all of these as part of my paleo diet and it works great.

  6. Frankie in the Hat

    “for those who are downing NUTS like they are going out of style” – REALLY… no one commented on this….very disappointed…

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