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The Key to Getting Your First Muscle-up


The Key to Getting Your First Muscle-up


Workout of the Day:

 Five rounds for time of:

 45 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges, 50 feet
21 Burpees

7 Responses

  1. It’s when you least expect it that something awesome happens. Way to go Chris!
    How lucky for me that I am not released from the doctors yet, 105 burpees, it looked exhausting. It was amazing to watch Brooks keep his form thru to the last burpee, good job!!

  2. Tara

    I don’t know if it is possible to do lunges with the way by legs and butt are sore from the 160 lunges on Saturday. This is not going to be fun.
    Great job on the muscle up Chris. I’m happy I was there to see it. I think the birthday thing is true too. Scott got his first one on his birthday as well.

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