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January 28, 2013

Weekend Round-Up

Congrats to Jackie and Amy for completing their very first 5K! If anyone knows Amy, this is a huge deal. Running has always caused her mental anguish (OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic). But, she did it! Carrie also ran and placed second in her age group!

CFVB ladies Amy, Jackie, Carrie

Nuclear Winter was also a success for the CFVB crew. After four events, I ended up 1st and Rob 2nd. We were so proud of all of our athletes. Here are just a few reasons why:

– Matt and Nanda, after getting lost and showing up a little late, were thrust into the first heat of the first event with no warm-up time. Neither of them complained or used it as an excuse, they just buckled down and did work.
– All of our ladies dominated in the first workout. Rachel won the event, Kristi made the push presses look easy and Christina, despite the weight being a bit heavy, POWERED though. It was really inspiring!
– Matt and Nanda both PRed their cleans!
– We all had fun…great people, great attitudes, well-run event with good tests.

And a big thanks to Joe for judging/supporting and our cheerleading section of Sundra, Don, Jessie, Joe, Maddie, Elena, Luke, Johnny, Scott and Liz!


Lastly, our Paleo Challengers made it though another cheat-free weekend. The food logs I am seeing are looking great and many of you are starting to report increased energy, good sleeping patterns and loose pants!

Workout of the Day:

Four rounds, each for time of –
10 front squats 185/135 (must clean it, no racks)
50 m Prowler push bodyweight/90% BW
5 bar MU (or 10 pull-ups)
  – rest approximately 2 min. between rounds

Midline – 3 x 10 GHD sit-ups