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January 30, 2013

The Open

Registration for the Open starts today! The CrossFit Open will run from March 6 – April 7 and will consist of 5 workouts. As in year’s past, Saturday will be “Game Day” at CFVB and we will perform the Open workouts with a judge on each athlete. I have successfully completed and passed the test for the new Judges online course, so I am able to validate scores. We take the Open very seriously and our coaches are ready to put their judging hats on and hold our athletes to the movement standards.

We urge everyone to register. Tens of thousands of¬†athletes compete and only the top 48 from each region advance to Regionals, however it’s a fun to see how you stack up against other CrossFitters both in our gym and across the world.

Once we see how many CFVB members register, we will determine how to best plan for the Saturday events.

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If you have any questions regarding the Open, please post to comments or see a coach.

Great attendance on Monday…let’s get ready for the Open!

Workout of the Day:

Five rounds for time of –
7 deadlifts 275/185
30 air squats
7 handstand push-ups

rest –
4 x 200 m sprints (rest approximately 1 minute between all-out efforts)