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February 18, 2013

And the Winner of the 30 Day Paleo Challenge is…

Overall, this has been the most successful Challenge to date. We had 43 members start and 40 make it through the month. Most stuck to the rules and didn’t have a cheat and the results were amazing. Choosing the winner came down to a game of inches. In terms of weight loss, we had someone lose as much as 17 lbs! Many people were in the 10+ range. However, the emphasis wasn’t on pounds, but on the before and after photos, i.e. transformation. We had some already-lean folks actually gain a few pounds, but look better than ever.

Besides a physical change, these factors  went into the decision: food logs (variety, effort, no cheats), positive attitude, and consistency in the gym. Since the results were so close, anyone who slipped up during the 30 days were knocked out of contention because we had so many success stories.

So, without any more suspense, the winner is…JAMES!!!

Congrats, James! You get a free unlimited month and $645! Here are a few reasons why…

1. Commitment: James traveled for work, attended college football games, had an annual meeting for his job where everyone celebrated with cocktails and he didn’t cheat one time. And not only didn’t he cheat, he packed a cooler when he was on the road, checked out restaurants, and stuck to a PLAN.

2. Variety: James cooked! His food log was interesting and looked delicious. He never got bored and transformed many of his favorite non-Paleo meals into healthful versions. He never mentioned feeling deprived.

3. Consistency in the gym. James worked really hard. I think he will be the first to admit that he isn’t a “born athlete.” That said, he checked his ego at the door, worked on technique and has gotten stronger and stronger. Rob loves training James because he makes no excuses. Ever.

4. Attitude. James never once complained or whined about missing certain food or this being hard. He kept an open mind. He did his own research and LEARNED about Paleo. He had already lost about 25 lbs since beginning CrossFit over the past several months, but changing his diet completely was the next step. He jumped right in and commented that he was glad he decided to sign up for the Challenge, giving up dairy and other foods he thought weren’t “that bad” for him. On his own, he even pushed himself to give up caffeine. And now he has his girlfriend eating well.

5. Final results. 13.5 lbs lost and a hell of a lot of muscle. James allowed me to post his photos…they speak for themselves (and he got a tan!).

james B-a

In the end, it’s cliche, but…you are all winners! Not everyone had weight loss, but all bodies became leaner.  The before and after photos were amazing. Across the board were reports of better sleep, clearer skin, faster recovery and improved performance. I feel confident that a big number of people will make this a lifestyle change.

I thank you all for taking this step and being willing to listen and try new things.

Update on the Boy/Girl Challenge tomorrow…

Workout of the Day:

*rest day for competitors. If you are still basking in you post-competition glow, come in and mobilize!

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
10 box jumps 24″
10 ring dips
10 sit-ups

Midline – 3 x 10 Good mornings

Work on your Q1 goal…people are starting to accomplish theirs. Are you next?