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January 25, 2013

Why You Should Attend a Mobility Class

Today’s guest post comes to us from Joe Justado.

So what is the big deal with stretching and mobility? We keep hearing these words tossed around the gym but do we really know and understand what to stretch and what desired results we should expect?

Ponder these questions:
– How good is your posture and how does your posture allow you to move, not only during the WODs but also during day to day life?
– Do you do more sitting during the day than standing?
– How often do you raise your arms overhead?
– Do you love to read or using the computer? How many hours do you spend with your head tilted downward?
– Do you have to carry little children on the right or left while you keep your other arm free to move?
– Do you have that goofy looking forward neck and rounded shoulder blades that you see in a lot of people but manage to pass it off as ‘normal’ because everyone seems to have it?
– Do you spend every other minute checking your Facebook status on your smart phone?
– Do you get headaches, backaches, butt pain, numbness in your arms and hands?

I’m imagining everyone with their hands raised right about now!

Mobility, stretching, flexibility, correct posture – these are terms that relate to each other. Why do we need to be concerned with all of these things? We are homosapiens. We have managed to evolve over the last two and a half million years into what we are now, but lately we haven’t been acting very human-like. We do more sitting than ever. We hold our heads down because we have to read
books and peer into gadgets. We’ve invented the chair, the toilet and the car. Our homonid ancestors are rolling in their graves! We are the products of our own malfeasance. “CrossFit has a way of bringing out or weaknesses and deficiencies”.That’s a quote, from one of the best CrossFit coaches I know – Rob.

There’s too much to cover for now. We, your coaches, are making an effort to address any and all of your postural, movement and musculoskeletal issues through our mobility classes. Please sign up for a class each month as topics will cover stretching, mobility, ideal posture and position as well as easy-to-use pain-relieving and posture-correcting techniques. Bring your smartphones and cameras so that you can take pictures and videos of the mobility techniques. If you want to be able to someday Rx that shoulder-to-overhead workout, create more depth in your squat or are just plain tired of popping extra strength pain releivers, then these classes are for you. Time to take charge!


We can’t get away from using devices in this day and age!

If you’ve attended one of Joe’s mobility sessions and have any feedback, post to comments.

Workout of the Day:

15 minutes to find max clean & jerk (slow-mo DEMO VIDEO)

Back squats – 2X5 @ 80%, 2X3 @ 85%, 3X1 @ 90%

4 sets of –
10 box jumps 30″ or higher
150 m farmers carry 70/55 (use two KBs, one on each hand)
10 GHD sit-ups