Mikaela Bagby
Mikaela Bagby


Health & Wellness Coach, American Sport & Fitness Association

Social Director and Hype Woman

Competitive swimmer for 10 years

2nd Degree black belt in Korean martial arts


Mikaela Bagby

If you value fun during your training sessions, Mikaela is your gal! This talented woman is not only skilled in movement, but she has the ability to make everyone have a great time and loves digging in and getting to know members on a deeper level.

Mikaela loves the community, health awareness, and the focus on functional fitness that come with coaching classes. She believes it's all about feeling GOOD, having energy, sleeping well, and doing things you never thought possible. She enjoys seeing our members become aware of how strong they are…both mentally and physically! She doesn't llike to brag, so we will do it for her...Mikaela is an AMAZING swimmer who still holds a local record for the butterfly!