Moselle Bagby
Moselle Bagby


NASM Certified Trainer

A.S. Business Administration, B.A.S. Organizational Management

1st Degree Black Belt

Tang Soo Do (Korean Martial Arts)

CrossFit Kids Assistant Coach

Former gymnast/gymnastics instructor

Former dancer/dance instructor

Former swimmer


Moselle Bagby

Moselle's talents are limitless! Not only is she known as a fun and kind trainer, but she also has impeccable culinary skills, business knowledge, dance skills, and many other talents including running the local Rio Coco Cafes.

Growing up, physical fitness was always a priority in her family. Activities like running, swimming, hiking, martial arts, gymnastics, and dance played very formative roles in her life and have given her a deep appreciation for living an active, healthy lifestyle. Coaching, whether it be dance, gymnastics, or functional fitness, has been very rewarding for her. It brings Moselle so much joy to see athletes growing, accomplishing goals, and becoming the best version of themselves. Having the ability to be a small part of that journey is unparalleled. Outside of work and the gym, there's a good chance you can find Moselle running around a pickleball court.