Zach Bragg
Zach Bragg


NASM Certified Trainer

TPI-Certified Golf Coach (Titleist Performance Institute)

USAW Level 1

Sports Performance Coach

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Weightlifting

Head Trainer, Director of Golf Power Lab

Zach Bragg

Zach has become THE go-to trainer for golfers, working with teens, amateurs and pros locally. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone with more confidence and knowledge on building rotational strength. He's also adept at rehabbing people after an injury and runs our Teens program.

Sports, and eating proper nutrition has been a part of Zach's life since a very young age. He belives that the best results come from those who train smart, intensely, appropriately, and consistently. He loves to see people progress and reach goals they never thought possible. As a trainer, Zach's goal is to teach proper, functional, and efficient movement in any facet of fitness to prepare individuals in the gym, in competition, and in everyday life. Outside of the gym, Zach can be found playing almost any recreational sport from golf to pickleball to dodgeball and more. Many people don't know that Zach can sing and play the guitar! He also spends lots of time with his very large family and Dalmatian, Oliver.