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Wendy Shafranski


June 11, 2024

Equipment Doesn't Make the Gym

I traveled recently and joined a commercial gym for the week. This place was huge and had everything I could need and more - two floors of free weights, machines, turf, pool, sauna, spin room, etc. etc.

Things I noticed were:

  • People doing some very strange exercises.
  • Employees doing the bare minimum, barely uttering a greeting.
  • Gym goers posing (usually men) or arriving really decked out for their workout (typically women).
  • Everyone on their phones.
  • No one talking to each other. I get that sometimes you just want to get in and out, but seriously…NO ONE talked.

My takeaways were:

  • Most people need a program to follow and shouldn’t be left to their own devices.
  • Many people need a trainer to watch them so they don’t do useless - or even dangerous - exercises and incorrect technique.
  • I prefer a community rather than a gym of people with headphones on, not interacting.

It really made me appreciate the vibe we have at Vero Strength. And it proves that equipment or bells and whistles, for me, don’t make the gym.

Some gyms have soul and some don’t.

If you want a great program, fantastic trainers and upbeat and interesting members, THIS is the place to be!

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