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March 4, 2020

Guest Post - Here's Vinnie!

This isn't your typical " before and after" testimonial. By most standards, Vinnie came into our gym in peak shape. He was an accomplished endurance athlete, ranking at the top in short and mid-distance races, marathons, and a full Ironman. However, he had neglected resistance training and other modalities, so his strength and mobility somewhat suffered. Vinnie jumped in head-first to our training, never leading with his ego. He learned how to move properly before challenging himself with weight, always asked questions, and showed up to do the work. Fast forward to today and he is stronger and more mobile than he's ever been and is still tops in any aerobic work we do. Here are Vinnie's words...

I started with the gym in the spring of 2015. My wife, Lucie, had given me a certificate to use and I was hesitant, at first, to begin training. I had a heavy background in aerobic activities (swimming, biking, running) but was a novice when it came to bar work, strength training, and Olympic lifts. Having been at the gym for 5+ years now, my strength has developed and I have been able to maintain my cardio. I am less prone to injury and, more importantly, I have an increased range of motion, better lifting technique (although it's a work in progress :), and a focus on nutrition that I did not have before. I can honestly say that I am in much better shape now than I was in my twenties.

It is no cakewalk. There are days that I wish to sleep in, give a reduced effort, or skip a workout entirely. But having made it through the workout, I always feel a sense of accomplishment and am filled with endorphins that make the effort worth it. I applaud the coaching staff for their commitment and dedication to our programming and the safety of the gym members. We are fortunate to have the programming we do.

I am not sure what the next 5 years will bring. The last 5 left me with two brothers who passed away from some form of health-related illness. Health and our time are too precious to waste. I look forward to learning from our coaches, invited guests, and fellow members that make me proud to be a part of a community of purpose, enriching our lives through conditioning so that we can support those that we love and care about.

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