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January 4, 2021

2021 Goals to Consider

Ah, it’s that time of year: NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. Many people expect that, by making a resolution, they can immediately turn 180 degrees and achieve the stuff dreams are made of.

Why is it, that a little date in time is supposed to make everything different?

We don’t subscribe to the notion of January 1 resolutions. Instead, we prefer a sustainable and intelligent approach, one free of the emotions you feel when you are “fed up” with the way things are. One you would make ANY time of year.

So, what to do? It requires a little thinking on your part, but really taking the time to brainstorm some sustainable changes, ones that you are ready to make, is the way to go. They may not be grand or sexy, but that’s probably a good thing…they are reachable.

Below are some New Year’s goals that are achievable with a little focus and work.

“I will attend the gym four days per week.” -
Many times, just walking through the door is the hardest part. If you’re a member of our gym, the program is already laid out for you. So, block out time in your calendar, make an appointment with yourself, set your alarm, and make it happen. No one ever regrets getting into some activity.

“I will be present/mindful when eating and working out.”
This is a big one. If you are present and connected when working out, you are thinking about your movement, you are using appropriate weights and you are thriving.

Mindfulness is especially important when eating. Are you sitting down? Not on your phone? Eating slowly? Stopping when satiated? Aware of your emotions to avoid grabbing for something that won’t support your overall health?

Don’t just go through the motions when training OR eating.

“I will choose quality over quantity”
Again this can apply to workouts and nutrition.

For workouts, we are talking about superior movement metrics vs. PRs and this is especially important as your overall age and training age increases. At first, PRs are aplenty. Then, as time goes on… Instead, focus on clean and beautiful movement mechanics, and get in your mobility. This also applies to mindless " junk reps" that seem to constitute HIIT programs. Cut the wear and tear with hundreds of reps. Lying on the floor in a pool of sweat or excessive soreness is not an indicator of a good workout. Strive for building strength. Now, THAT’S impressive!

For food, this is simple: put high-quality foods in your body. You are worth it.

“I will lead a consistent lifestyle.”
What the heck does that mean? Consistent in your habits - sleep, recovery, hydration, food, and exercise. If you make these factors non-negotiable, you are ahead of the game and things will tend to fall into place. Believe me, healthy ALWAYS looks good.

Yes, it’s good to have some measurable goals. Set them. But, make them realistic, and don’t forget the small victories along the way in your journey to the big ones.

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