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October 18, 2022

Are You Coachable?

If you’re a member of Vero Strength, you know that you receive coaching at every class. And, like any of the movements you do in the gym, being a “coachable” client is a skill you can cultivate. Here are some tips:

Show up
Pretty obvious, right? You can’t be coached unless you’re here! Getting to the gym is a battle for many people, especially those who are just starting out. Don’t let fear, a busy schedule, or other excuses keep you from your goals. Go to class.

Warm up with the group
If you do the mobility work we’ve programmed before the trainer-led warm-up at the beginning of class, you will miss out on us fine-tuning your technique on those movements. And the fine details really matter. So, participate with everyone.

Ask for alternatives
Not feeling 100%? Struggling with a particular movement? Working through an injury? Nothing is written in stone, so communicate with your coach and ask for alternatives to any movement that you can’t do on any particular day. If something hurts, don’t push through…but also, don’t avoid the gym.

Be open-minded
Many times, when coaches approach someone to look at his or her technique, they get nervous and don’t want to be watched. That’s what coaches are here for! Our gym is a judgment-free zone and we want you to improve. Don’t get stuck on what you can’t do at the just haven’t done it YET.

Make coaching a two-way conversation
When a coach corrects you, avoid the knee-jerk reaction of saying “I know, I know.” Listen to cues and ask follow-up questions if you don’t understand. Sometimes we have to change up our cues, sometimes we have to demonstrate. Everyone learns differently.

Bottom line: I can speak for all of our coaches in saying that they love what they do and want to help. So, show up with an open mind, be present, and ask questions. We got you!

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