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July 31, 2019

August 1, 2019

:30 ski/air bike
3 each side dumbbell hang clean & jerk
3 Pull-ups/push-ups

As many rounds as possible in 12:00
6 1-arm dumbbell hang clean & jerk
10 Calories ski
6 1-arm dumbbell hang clean & jerk
Rest 3:00
As many rounds as possible in 12:00
4 Pull-ups (modify: ring row)
7 Push-ups (modify: push-ups on a box)
10 Calories air bike

3 sets of:
7 abmat situps
:10 hollow hold
3 V-up to tuck-up
rest :10
10 abmat situps
:15 hollow hold
6 V-up to tuck-ups
rest :20
15 abmat situps
:20 hollow hold
9 V-up to tuck-up

Happy Gym Anniversary!

WOW! We are celebrating lots of anniversaries this month, many of which are over the five-year mark. While a few people left for a hiatus, we are so glad you're back and we are so grateful for everyone's commitment. You all deserve a round of applause and a BIG THANK YOU!

Ten Years
Danny Colontrelle
Tori Rich
Sue and Charlie Clendening
Don and Sandra Edwards

Eight Years
Joel Molinari
Drew Sonier

Seven Years
Margaret Atherton
Joanne Duncanson
Chelsea Fidgeon
Kim Conti & Sean Verne

Six Years
Doreen Cady
Tibor Andrejsky

Five Years
Laura Toth
Arielle Bagby

Four Years
Molly Metcalf

Three Years
Stephanie Leblanc

Two Years
Erika Andrejsky
Greyson Neumann
Summer Seevers

One Year
Lori Schrock

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