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August 15, 2019

August 16, 2019

2 sets -
:30 Bike or Ski
5 foam roll wall slides
5 Bent over dumbbell ‘Y' raise
5 plate squats
McGill Big 3
+coach-led barbell warm-up

5 sets of 2 reps

Barbell Back Squat 1-8-2-7-3-6-4-5 @60%
Rest 1-2 minutes after big sets; under 1 minute after smaller sets

3 sets -
5 Barbell strict press

Rest 1:00

5 Gymnastic Hinge row
10 Alternating kettlebell dead start row
5 Each arm kettlebell bottoms up press (2 seconds up/downtempo)
10 Tall kneeling Barbell bicep curl (2 seconds up/downtempo)

3:00 each side twisted cross


Food for Though Friday - Introducing our Improved Nutrition Services!

We’ve retooled our nutrition services in order to make themmore affordable as well as more diverse, so you can choose exactly the level ofservice you need.

We are now offering three levels:

Level 1: Macro calculation and monthly check-in. Simply put, we calculate the macros that you need in order to work towards your goal, whether it be to lose, gain, or maintain. You will do the work in tracking in an app and we check in each month, adjusting as necessary. This is for the person who understands what macros are, what foods to eat, how to track them, etc., they just need a professional to help them with the amounts. Think about it as being on cruise control. Price: $50 per month.

Level 2: Macro calculation with weekly check-ins. This service includes all of the above, but you will receive weekly check-ins (via email, phone, or text) for accountability and to answer any questions. This is perfect for people who need a little extra support and education. Price: $100 per month.

Level 3: Full service. This is for the nutrition newbie. It will include a face-to-face meeting(s), nutrition education, coaching on how to use the nutrition app, unlimited check-ins, food log reviews (via email, text, phone), food suggestions, etc. Our goal is for you to be on this plan for a month or two, then transition to Level 2 and eventually 1. Price: $240 per month.

Note: ALL levels receive the official Vero Strength Nutrition Primer e-booklet that includes basic nutrition information, food lists, information on how to work in your favorite foods, advice on alcohol, etc. Registered Dietician McKenzie Flinchum will oversee the program and you will also have support from Wendy. It is suggested that you enroll for a minimum of three months so you can really build great habits and knowledge, but the first step is just to do it!

If you have questions or to sign up, email Wendy at

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