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September 26, 2019


You bust your butt in the gym. You eat well and pay attention to the foods you put into your body. So, it’s no big deal if you like a regular nightcap or partying on the weekend, right? Um. No, so much.

While occasional drinking isn’t a big deal, regular alcohol consumption and binge drinking can stall your progress in terms of training and body composition. Why?

Based on numerous studies, alcohol can do things like:

  • Negatively affect sleep.
  • Upset normal hormone function, namely reduced testosterone and increased estrogen.
  • Disrupt fat burning.
  • Stall your recovery.
  • Affect muscle protein synthesis.
  • Dehydrate you.

Alcohol also packs in lots of calories and, as many of us can attest, it can lead to the “munchies.”

One or two drinks here and there aren’t a big deal, but when you go overboard and have 4, 5, 6+ in one sitting, therein lies the problem.

So, if you’re looking to become the leanest and strongest you can be, you may consider ditching the booze.

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