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March 30, 2019

CharityWOD - May 11

It's time for CharityWOD 2019!

Each year, Vero Strength + Conditioning hosts a partner throwdown for a cause. Male/female teams compete in a fun, chipper-style workout while raising money for a non-profit. Our 2019 event will be held on Saturday, May 11 at 8 AM. This year we are really pumped because not only are we celebrating our 10-year anniversary, but we have chosen Sunday Strong as the CharityWOD recipient! Sunday Strong is a charity focused on uniting the fitness industry with special needs athletes. The program started at our gym as a free, weekly fitness class and now we are expanding nationwide!

The funds raised through CharityWOD will go towards things like legal fees associated with our non-profit application, trademarking the Sunday Strong logo, marketing, and, most importantly, creating a robust website. The website will allow gyms to apply to offer and be trained to launch free fitness classes and will allow special athletes to register in these programs so that they may adopt a healthier lifestyle.

So, get your team together! Each partner team will consist of one male and one female. Divisions include Rx, Scaled, and Masters (the team has a combined age of 80+). The minimum donation per team is $50 (but feel free to donate more)!

The Workout
For time:
3 rounds of:
20-calorie row
20 alternating dumbbell snatch Rx: 50/35; Scaled: 25/15; Masters 35/20
2 rounds of:
30-calorie bike erg
20 hang power cleans Rx: 115/75; Scaled: 65/45; Masters 95/65
1 round of:
60-calorie ski
30 burpee box jumps All divisions: 24"/20" (scaled may do step-ups)


General rules: work will be divided any way by partners. No minimum work requirement. You may not begin a movement or machine until the previous one is completed or both team members will perform a 5-burpee penalty. If you aren’t working out, you must stay off the competition floor. Be ready to go when your heat is called. We are looking for everyone to help pitch in with weight changes and judging.

Machines: Reset monitor after each round.

Dumbbell snatch: Each rep begins on the ground and ends when the DB is completely locked out overhead with the knees and hips open. Athletes will alternate arms to complete the 20 reps per round. You may switch hands on the ground or in mid-air, as long as the DB passes below the head (no switching overhead). Non-working hands may not touch your body. No dropping of the DB is allowed or the 5-burpee penalty will be assessed.

Hang power cleans: The first rep must be deadlifted to the hang position and cleaned from anywhere above the knee. The rep ends with the barbell on the shoulders, hips, and knees open/standing tall, elbows in front of the bar. Control your bars.

Burpee box jumps: start with hips and chest on the floor and ends with athletes on top of the box, showing control with hips and knees locked out. Rx and masters must jump with a 2-foot takeoff, scaled may perform step-ups. When trading reps between men and women, the box must be flipped to the appropriate height.

3-2-1 Go! Register for CharityWOD by sending your name, your partner’s name, your team name, and your division to You may bring a check (payable to Sunday Strong) or cash to the gym. You must register and pay by May 6, 2019.

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