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March 23, 2020

Gym Closure

Due to mandates in reaction to COVID-19, all gyms in the State of Florida are required to shut down until May 8. I am assuming this is a moving target date and I hope May 8 is the worst-case scenario.

Either way, we are ready to serve our members and we are working with you remotely! Here's how:

  • We've divided the membership up between Wendy, Rob, Colin, and Zach. Everyone will have a go-to coach for questions and support. You should have already received a contact from your coach.
  • We are offering two options for at-home workouts: a bodyweight phase and a minimal equipment phase. Both are delivered via TeamBuildr and we'd love to answer your questions for modifications.
  • We have a private, member-only Facebook page that's blowing up! We are offering daily advice, humor, and ideas and our members are posting their workout photos and videos. It's amazing! If you haven't joined, visit the link here to request access:

We WILL get through this and we WILL be stronger, mentally and physically. Please take the government's suggestions to stay at home and practice social distancing. Support local restaurants by ordering takeout from time to time (tip well!). The more we can do now, I am hoping the faster we flatten the curve and get back to our normal lives.

Take care, everyone!

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